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In the beginning of the 20th century, the Soviet state legislated female equality. European and American women had to fight for the equality. The problem is that between the law on paper and its implementation is not always an equal sign. There are also cultural traditions, which, alas, are the opposite of female equality. for me Today, on the issue of women’s rights in Russia, domestic violence seems to be the most important problem. A few years ago, the article about “domestic violence” was removed from criminal liability. This terrible legislative mistake must be corrected. Tens of thousands of women are crippled by husbands and partners, someone is beaten to death. And besides legislation, it is necessary to change the cultural code – “beating your wife is a sign of love ”, alas, it still exists in the collective and individual consciousness of women. It is necessary to create new cultural traditions for the equal rights of women. These new traditions must be implanted in both the female and male consciousness. And we need to educate out children too.