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DESIGN EXPERT Irina Astahova

It is difficult for me, as a poet, to talk about impairment of women rights, I’ve never came across anything like this. In my opinion, too much attention has been paid to this topic recently.

With all my strength of character, I am not for the struggle, but for the fact that both life and activity should go through love in all its ways. This way woman can fully reveal her potential.

What I would really like to wish Russian women is to stop thinking that a man should fully provide her. Of course, this is wonderful when a man is caring nicely, can invite somewhere, helps financially, but this shouldn’t be a mandatory requirement. It seems to me that the main thing is not a consumer attitude to the stronger sex, but a partnership. Without canceling of

romance for sure. When woman is initially set up with a man in such way that he should give her everything, she deprives herself of the opportunity to become a self-sufficient, independent, talented, interesting and strong person. It turns out that she is not in action, but in anticipation of some kind of “miracle”. This, perhaps, in my opinion, is one of the main barriers to self.