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It is believed that behind every strong and successful man is a strong woman. How suitable is this for a woman? Will strong woman cope with everything by herself? Does a strong woman need the support and back up of a partner?

It is said that the strength of a woman is in her weakness. It seems to me that many people

understand it not very correctly. To fulfi ll her role and be happy, woman must be submissive, weak, and compliant. Of course, today not a lot of women will agree with this. But is it about breaking oneself, forcing one’s interests onto the back burner and really becoming weak?

Fearing to become victims, women begin to show off their success and rely on the fact that they are independent and can go better than men in many aspects. In chase of the image of an independent and strong woman, trying to become a winner in the «male» game, there is a risk of missing really important people and staying lonely. I do not think that this will be the desired result.

Leadership in relationships is not characterized by gender. After all, there is character and temperament. I will say more: the world is not divided into black and white, and there is no absolute leader in the relations of two people in absolutely all spheres of life and coexistence. Someone is good in one, someone in another. This is harmony when both are successful and both know how to concede.

Women, by their nature, can be more vibrant and socially active. You look at a successful woman,

follow her in the media and networks - it seems that she is certainly the leader and dominates. However, it’s not true. And there are many examples. A man is no less successful in his fi eld. And if you really see the situation, then you understand that it was the partner who gave the impetus, space and help for the self-realization of the woman. And he is less known only because of his busyness with practical issues, unwillingness to publicity and artificially drawing

attention to his person.

Today’s image of a strong, independent and successful woman implies a high pace of life and a wide range of contacts. Some people begin to unconsciously substitute concepts and confuse people who value you with people from the circle of friends who just like you. Every woman wants to receive confirmation that she is loved and appreciated. For real. Love of a beloved can make a woman stronger and give a tremendous impetus to development. Fear to open up, trust and be loved send us to the concept of “sacrifice”. What if I cede here? Will I be comfortable?

Am I being used? Only failed people or sadists make “victims” and use their partners .

Remember the observations of the Japanese doctor and the founder of ju-jitsu Akayama Sirobei: thick branches of trees cannot withstand the weight of snow and break down, and thin branches bend, then throw off the snow and straighten. Can these thin branches be associated with weakness?

I don’t think that we are now talking about some sensational matters or we open our eyes, forcing us to reconsider our values. Not at all. All of the above can be attributed to undeniable truths.

The world is changing. Of course, there are things that need to be changed. But the world is not so bad that absolutely all the principles of relationships that have been established over the centuries must be destroyed and done exactly the opposite.

There are many ways to be strong and successful. It all depends on the measures and goals that a woman sets for herself. As Nora Ephron said: «First of all, be the heroines of your life, not the victims.»