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CINEMA EXPERT Eugenio Recuenco

– Where do you get such unusual ideas?

– This is all – life. From around me, from a conscious and unconscious experience that models the world around me.

– How do you manage to constantly surprise people?

– I do not to surprise people. More correct to say, I’m always looking for a way for self-development. I’m not interested in fi nding a single formula for repetition. The most important in this way – to surprise yourself and as a result, others will be surprised.

–Looking at your work, it seems that you are running away from reality. Why?

–Reality exists. I can do little to change it. «I’m only a small drop in the ocean». I’m aware of the world around me, love and share it into small parts. I feel chosen, but not everyone is lucky as i. So I come up with parallel reality, which sometimes make us dreams, while others make think about the injustice of the reality in which we live. I always try to do this humor and aesthetically beautiful. This I convince myself what if my massage does not reach, then at least my contribution is to try to build to more beautiful world.

– Why do you often calls your works fairy tales?

– A few years ago I made a report for Vogue Spain, where I rethought children’s fairy tales. This story was very successful and after that I was assigned the label of photographers, who creates children’s fairy tales. And this that at one time served as an impetus for customers to fi nd out about me. And for some time, they ordered me to work on the same subject. But I’m not interested in shortcuts. I think that today I’m fi nally seen as a photographer who creates not

only fairy tales.

– What do you usually dream of? Do you see new work ideas in your dreams?

– The truth is that I do not have big dreams. My ideas come not from there, but from the little details, that come from day to day. To doubt why everything happens, to imagine as a child: «what will happen if everything is diff erent?» I constantly make up stories about people I don’t know.

– You have created many diff erent worlds in your work. Which of them would you like to escape to any why?

– Perhaps not me of my worlds is not perfect. In fact, they are a product of parallel reality. If I could live in one of these worlds, o would start thinking about how to show this world in a diff erent way. This is an eternal journey to howhere, Disagreement is what drives me. In particular, disagreement with oneself.

– What is your most unusual and memorable project?

– I just finished the big project «365», which was presented in Spain, Germany and China. This is

8 years of my work, so that I can show the world around me. And now I am working on the next

project, «1000 and 1 Night», which will be more saturated with illusion and claims to be the largest photo exhibition to date.

–Why did you decide to make a movie? What does this mean for you?

I never thought of leaving a photo. I believe that telling a story in only one image is an interesting exercise in synthesis. You need to be very precise in the details and know what to say and how to express it in one click of the camera. This is a very interesting task. But I have to say that if you add movement, time, sound to this, then this will undoubtedly be another discovery. I like to tell stories in motion more than becoming a director.

– Do you want to make you own movie?

– After several years, trying to create a full-length film, I realized that it would not be easy. In a world where economics and short-term gains govern our actions, it’s hard to find someone who wants to bet on someone like me who has no experience in directing. Everyone is just trying to get a quick profit, unless, of course, someone appears who wants to support my cinema project «(W) Hole time».

– You are one of the famous fashion photographers. What do you think the role of women in the modern business community?

– I distinguish between men and women because they are different when they stand in front of my camera. The rest of the time, I never thought about the gender of the person with whom I

communicate, doing business or spending time. I see only people. I will be honest with you. Women are better than men in many ways. But I also do not want to go into a generalization that leads, to a misunderstanding. I am hurt by the injustice that still exists in this regard. From my position, I try to act with the greatest respect and try to change the situation with a specific

example, and not with a scream and words that are often lost.

– Behind every successful man is his woman. In your case, this is your wife, who works with you. But can a woman be successful alone in the fashion industry?

– There are examples, I hope that each time there will be more. No doubt, in my case, my wife is my support. Perhaps I would never have achieved anything without her. Without a doubt, she is one of the professionals in post-production, her work is just as valuable, even without my photographs. Women are much stronger than us and more stable. We must fight for the development of personality, regardless of gender. We are not moving in this direction as fast we would like. But it is possible. Maybe my worldview is a little distorded, because I revolve in the world of fashion, advertising and art, where women are valued at the same level as men. I often work in teams, where women make up the majority, and in many cases they occupy a leadership

position and it is very beautiful.

– What roles do women and men play in our feminist world?

– This world is very specific. For example, in Spain, all women’s magazines are woman. I do not know a single director of a man. As stylist, the same thing happens. 95% of the stylists of major women’s magazines are women. Stylist men find themselves only in alternative magazines. I can say that there is no discrimination against women here.

– What is your greatest achievement in life?

– There are no achievements in my life, only gifts. These gifts are my friends, a wonderful family, an incredible wife and a more talented daughter than me. With this, what achievements do you want in life?

– What is your life credo and what advice would you give yourself to a 20 year old?

– Never lose the illusion. This is a difficult matter, but it is the only thing that will make you happy every day when you work. You should feel every day, as if he were the first and end him happy with what you did, as if he were the last.

– What would you like to wish for Numero Russia?

– I have always had a great to work with Numero Russia, which I think is the benchmark from the dat the magazine was released. I did not want to apply the formula that everyone knows and I rushed into the pool, doing something new. I would like you to like the way the team and I created this story, which is my personal tribute and respect for the film that influenced my life in Paris-Texas, but from the point of view of fashion in 2019. Thanks for working!