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CINEMA EXPERT Ekaterina Zatsepina

Unfortunately, speaking of Russia, women’s success is extremely critically judged aligned with intentions to reveal all the pitfalls and hidden obstacles. Primarily, the public seeks out someone who helped woman to succeed, thereby, woman’s achievements are frequently mitigated and levelled by some man’s existence on her back, someone who did it for her. Besides male’s presence often considers having family. What leads to wide-ranging of woman’s responsibilities,

that apparently distracts female from focusing on her career and make her dedicate herself to family. If we speak about success in terms of career, obviously, there is a great amount of nuances like “What we consider success?” or “Whether men really have women behind them?”. These questions are very controversial, and we should build on the answers. On the whole, I suppose that a successful men and women eventually choose the same kind of successful

and powerful person as they are.