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TRAVEL EXPERT Christopher Chong

Our Guests frequently comment that one of the best aspects of Moravola is the homelike, relaxed, informal vibe.


   Moravola is a medieval watchtower situated along the ridge of a mountain in Umbria Italy; it has been restored with a modernistic design approach to the interiors, auxiliary buildings and pools to create a contemporary retreat.

   As owners and operators our background is in design, not hospitality, we were keen to create an alternative ‘hotel’ experience by emphasizing the Medieval with the Minimum.

   A total of seven suites are arranged off the central axis running through the tower linking the gardens terraces and pools. All suites have direct private access to the outside terraces and the internal spaces of the tower, this gives a sense of separation and privacy but also ready access to the communal areas so the guests can chose to interact or be private.

   Outbuildings, gardens, terraces and a 25 m infinity pool have been aligned on an axis with the tower to maximize the 360 degree views over secluded valleys, giving the feeling of being completely removed from the modern world although, in reality it is ten minutes from access routes to the culture rich Tiber valley.

  Our Guests frequently comment that one of the best aspects of Moravola is the homelike, relaxed, informal vibe, there is no bar or reception desk but at the heart of the tower is an open kitchen where guests walk in freely to discuss ingredients with the cook or request drinks and snacks – or cooking classes. We enjoy getting to know and anticipate our clients needs, and create personalized local experiences to suit their preferences, whether action, culture, foraging or truffle hunting and visits to private wineries.

   Sustainability is an important factor in our work, photovoltaic panels are used to minimize the carbon footprint. An efficient under-floor heating and cooling systems are incorporated. Solar panels provide energy for hot water and heating and rainwater is collected for garden irrigation.

In the year ahead we are focusing on health aspects and the benefits of being surrounded by pure unspoiled nature by building a SPA with Hammam and Sauna around a central courtyard with a stone hydro massage pool cantilevered through the Oak trees over the valley.

   The current forecast for the future of travel involves robotics, space travel and virtual reality, however the future of travel for those who can afford it will be the search for the authentic with definitely more personalized as opposed to generic solutions.

   There are a growing number of ‘one on one’ travel operators who create escapes in the wildest of destinations and that can broaden and inspire in an atmosphere of security and comfort.

   Personalized solutions may be taken over by AI but there will still be a need for a human interface – one that knows where to find the best-hidden local experiences:

• To be a place where people can be in touch with themselves

• To be Genuine - Places should be regional and celebrate diversity

• To have the ability to surprise and widen the imagination

• To stimulate learning to open the mind and make each of us an informed and better person.