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INVITED EDITOR Carolina Gonzalez

I find beauty in everyone and everything.

– Carolina, you are a New Yorker, but where are you originally from?

– I am actually a born and raised New Yorker. Born in Elmhurst Queens raised in Long Island.

– Did your origins find their way in your vision as a professional?

– I think yes, because NY is truly a melting pot of everything. All types of races, art, music, architecture etc.) but also outside of NYC there is a lot nature, all of which are beautiful and I draw my inspiration.

– In your days spent always with high profile talents (among them Lily Aldridge, Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel, Camila Cabello, Elsa Hosk, Shakira, Lenny Kravitz, Sophia Vergara, and Stella Maxwell), what inspires you the most when you relate to these outstanding talents.

– I find beauty in everyone and everything. But their talent, their persona, have a lot to do with it. Also what they are wearing what the over all look we are going for inspires me as well.

– Are you a proponent for social media?

–I am.

– If so, what do you believe the benefits are?

– I think the benefits of social is the reach, the ability to connect with the masses in with just an instant post.

– Do you think there are both pros and cons to social media? – Absolutely, as far as cons go, people can be to critical or even bullied. I also see some people get to involved to the point that they don’t enjoy being in the moment of a concert, a dinner etc...

– Do you feel your art is fairly represented through digitalization of content/images? – I do although at same time I miss film.

– Did socials change your approach to make up at all? – No, I just do my thing.

– We see you active again on art projects and high profile editorials... does this help to find new inspiration? – Absolutely, I think it is very important to keep your creative juices owing. It’s an un explainable magic that happens when everyone is inspiring everyone on a shoot.

– How important is the personal relationship with the talent you have in front of you, when you create art? – A personal relationship is a plus but either way when I aminthezone,Iaminthezone

– Let’s go personal: what is a trait of your personality that helped in reaching the success you dress as a key player of the industry? – Keeping an opened mind, going with the flow, being patient, all the while giving 1000% of yourself to every job

– A song you could not live without?

– There are so many but if I must pick one today it would be: LA CALLE DE LOS LUNARES by Camarón De La Isla

– Your favorite make up artist?

– Kevyn Aucoin