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Carlo Capasa WISHES for Numero Russia team

I think you are making a progress. I really like the idea of your magazine’s form, the capsule

collection numbers. It is very modern, because today we are living in a world that is a flat,

innocence, and exactly because of that you need capsule, you need some specific points of view. The idea of the capsule collection dedicates to some specific point of views, to specific ideas. I also encourage you to work digitally. Work on the disintermediation, by creating your own community, that even when the brand pass through you, being oneself, but becoming also

a little bit Numéro. I find it very nice that you help the new generation to develop. As more you

support education and maintain sustainability, then more you are modern. And this also applies

to your magazine; it gives some space new brands and young people, give some contribute

to the education. To my mind it is the pillar of the fashion's future.