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ART EXPERT Yuriy Avvakumov

Today many people use Facebook and for those, who spend a lot of their time in this app, each day begins and ends with a feast. It reminds you about your friends’ birthdays, your friends learn about some historical figures’ birthdays, even the celebrating of your facebook friendship become a feast. Then you get some photos of breakfast, solemn launch or romantic dinner, photos of award presentations, of memorable places, party invitations, opening of new exhibitions...

In 19th century, thanks to the development of sanitary hygiene and pharmacology, people began to live longer. In the same time, Daguerre and Niepce invented a camera which allowed people to take pictures. This device was used everywhere: during the weddings, funerals, demonstrations, dinners. Nowadays everyone can save festive photos or videos that’ll return you at the moment when you’ll see them.Adding to this, people spend their time on other lives too: friends’ birthdays, celebrity weddings, important events, etc. In the past, the number of photographers depended on the professional high-quality equipment which was very expensive and complicated. Now every person with a smartphone became photographer or videographer. In former times, all the process of important and joyful events was captured in the paintings by artists like Bruegel or in books by writers like Rabelais. Afterwards, the feasts were captured by chroniclers such as Rodchenko. Today Big data replaced those old dissemination methods with

trillions of photos and mosaic in which smalt changed to pixels.