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ART EXPERT Dmitriy Shagin

I’m always remembering my childhood, because holidays were very joyful. Because it always was the New Year tree, pine scent, Christmas ornaments. They used to be interesting, true. They used to bring happiness. I like celebrations. And today I perceive celebrations the same way as in childhood, because we need to follow the children’s example – to have fun sincerely and without artificial boosters.

I think, if person chooses the frame of mind that life is an actual celebration, so it will be the celebration no matter what is happening. There is a bright strip, there is a dark one- life is striped. If person will celebrate that he is alive today, that he woke up this morning, looked out of the window and and saw the sun- this is the celebration.

I love the New Year. Because on the New Year and Christmas my grandchild come to visit me and we go to sledge, New Year is very active holiday for us. The city is always so beautiful and fairy. White snow, light, decorated trees – festive mood – and me and my grandchildren walk around the town in the New Year night. Still. It is very fairy celebration.