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ART EXPERT Andrey Bartenev

Life as a daily holiday... a fateful mosquito flies into the room! I immediately turn on the Dave Brubeck Qvartet’s loud music, grab two electric-flies, and start the win-win dance of a «fugitive

orange» - a jump on sofas and beds, betting on corners, setting a record for a batman.

The Almighty is looking at me with royalty:

- This is a holiday! Order him another mosquito - and tomorrow, and after tomorrow!

My admiration for life stops, I suffocate from «Ah!» - music, nature (even if it’s a mosquito), halva, book, love, drawing, gelato al pistacchio, robot vacuum cleaner, Instagram, departure for

Burning man - these are just torn fragments.

The holiday is a cultural experience that I gain and learn from. It is a spontaneous escape from the body of an organized world into an alternative to my own behaviour, into an alternative to my

own life.

I can make a positive adjustment to my holiday addiction:

1. Refusal from the fascinating sedentary life - a trip to the mass festivities at the Alternative Miss World in London.

2. To be a trendsetter in artistic fashion, moving up and down the social hierarchies

3. The development of a murderous passion to bargain for every ruble

4. Cross-gender behavioral method of both sexes’ ballet dives

5. Absolute power of spirit in experimentation with angles, sample poses for selfi

6. Not just to come to the party, but to form it with your presence – to challenge, to anticipate the delight!

Piercing idleness is a powerful syndrome. It is both a disease and a form of unique healing at the same time.

The healing is not about ending dependence on idleness, but about the development of the new Bartenev. Otiosity is not a healing but a controlled acquisition. Signs of festive Bartenev - obsessed with the spirit of accomplishment; dresses brightly; spreads hair; becomes a source of festive mood, rather than its consumer; has freedom of action; sculpts waffle horns on the face; demonstrates the impressionistically pampered wing of the antique vase against the background of sea spatter; a real paradise; otherworld, terrible and ...