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HOMME EXPERT Anton Krivorotov

Fashion is art and way of self-expression. This is an integral part of our life. Thus, we have non-verbal communication between people. The book is judged but it’s cover in the beginning... Fashion and understanding of fashion says a lot. Understanding the design of things is an important element of consciousness. Consider Karl Lagerfeld’s style – line, cut, color, his fabric, the average person can’t do this. Creating this, he was in a certain cosmogony, in contact with some interesting creative impulse, and in order to touch this, I want to have this particular thing, not a copy. At least in order to understand its meaning, at most, not to pollute the environment. It’s better to have one “meaningful” t-shirt than six t-shirts from the mass market. Clothing is not just for covering up nudity. Think about the ecology of the environment.

You can be stylish and have small wardrobe. I would like this to be the next trend. But more often your appearance and mood are read by accessories and shoes. These things must be expensive and con dent. Casual clothes should be simpler. I stand for reasonable consumption. And for following the trends and shaping them. Now the young generation has a voice, and it is very cool.

Now even the classics will be interpreted for young audience. And who else to focus on? The interpretation of the classics is not bad. I wear classic trousers and jackets. But they have nothing to do with classic double-breasted jackets and arrows on trousers. Classics always remain classics, although times are changing, and its interpretation may be di erent. And after a hundred years, the classic may be completely di erent. The theme of the issue is sexuality, and this is a fundamental characteristic for homo sapiens. Sexuality is the main quality of man and woman especially. This is a set of certain qualities. This is not related to vulgarity, depravity and vulgarity. She is not directly related to sex. Sexuality is how a person feels. This is a state rather than external attributes.