• F AF

Anna Khilkevich

Girl may be unattractive by standards, but insanely sexy because she feels that way. This is primarily an internal sensation, which is transmitted through certain vibrations to people looking at this object.

Speaking of sexuality, as an external manifestation of the fair sex, for me it can be owing fabrics, cropped trousers, baring ankles. First of all, looking at a girl, femininity should be felt in her. Not necessarily tenderness, it can also be an aggressive, brutal image, but female forms should be seen. Shoes with heels are a thing of the past, but if the leg is completely closed, the look still doesn’t seem as attractive as if, for example, the ankles are open. When sexuality comes from within, vulgarity is an excessive desire to attract attention using certain methods, a desire to seem sexy, a ashy label.

I believe that anyone can achieve any goal. You need to believe in yourself, live in gratitude, not be afraid to take risks and treat this life as a game in which you can earn many bonuses in the form of various achievements and goodness. It is necessary to focus attention not on success, but on happiness, on a feeling of happiness. And even if in the modern world it is believed that success lies in a career, it is not necessary to focus your attention on this. I don’t think how cool and successful is everything with me or what they think of me, I just enjoy my life, present day, try a lot of things to do in this life and choose what my heart wants.

To maintain a good mood, you need to work hard on yourself. When I feel that a wave of negativity begins to hit me, I just remain alone with myself and tune in to other thoughts and feelings. I always try to control what I think about, give up negative thoughts and not judge other people. Thus, I manage to be in a good mood for most of the time, and everyone can do it.