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Alla Verber

I wanted to prove the whole world that I can be successful and I set a goal and went forward.

The main qualities of a woman who will succeed are willpower, stubbornness and a clearly de ned goal. I’ve always had a goal, I wanted to be successful. It all depends on a certain position of leader. People are born either leaders or losers. People are born either to y or to crawl. Both men and women. I am a leader by nature, so I’ve already had a destiny.

Although in my childhood I studied and didn’t understand what a career is, I’ve always thought that I would be married and be with my family and children. Did I understand that I will have a career and what it will be? No. I thought my husband would have a career, and I will help him.

But in adulthood, I’ve already wanted to work, have a business. I have worked for 43 years, I didn’t have days o , I didn’t say “ I am tired”, “I can’t”. I always solved my problems by myself. And right or wrong, this is what everyone chooses for themselves. I love and adore my work, I adore everything that I do. A woman shouldn’t do everything herself, but each one goes di erently. I think that woman doesn’t need to be strong. What for? When a woman becomes a mother, she should protect her children as a female, but only if she sees that she doesn’t have another option, and then she becomes a defender, becomes strong.

It may be easier for a woman if she is very beautiful. Although I saw a huge number of beautiful women who, unfortunately, couldn’t achieve much in life. And I saw ugly women who are happy and succeed in work. It is di cult to say how important the appearance is, the main thing is a good taste. The Russian saying “they meet people by clothes” still works. Many people watch how person looks like when he comes in. And this is important for both women and men. But in fact, the main thing is tidiness. It is very important how a person is dressed and this doesn’t mean that it should be expensive.

It can be stylish, fashionable, simple. Yes, money is needed for this, but there must be a taste. In our stores there is a huge amount of modern, fashionable and a ordable clothes that people can wear - buy yourself ve important things and where it the whole season and look good.

Now people are chasing after the number of things, the future generation will have other concerns. They will be in a completely free country. Young people agree faster because the world has completely changed, at least where I used to live and what is happening today, these are two di erent worlds. Everything is simpler, easier: they have a di erent perception of life, they live in a century with Instagram, phones - the world is an open book. Every person owns a world. But I worry that people will not have enough communication in the future. Everything happens in social networks, for example, where you met? - on the nets, not seeing, not feeling each other, it’s hard to imagine something like this. #NUMERORUSSIA #NUMERORUSSIAGIRL #ALLAVERBER