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Alena Akhmadullina

For me, the best vacation is the vacation with my family and friends.

If my brand’s path to fame considere as success, then it was quick. Everything seemed to happen according to a pre-written script. My rst ‘Dragon Goes’ collection received rst prizes at several professional contests. After the show in Paris, foreign media began to write about the brand. Of course, then there were di cult situations, di cult decisions – as in any business that grows and develops. I constantly set a new bar for this very success, both for myself and for the company.

At every stage of the journey, I had mentors and people who supported and directed me. They taught me lessons, sometimes di cult, but very useful. Now my main mentor is my husband. He was the rst person who literally taught me business – he gave me not the sh, but the shing rods.

There are sometimes moments when you want to quit. Then you need to ask yourself the right questions: why am I doing this? Do I feel happy in this business? Does my business bring happiness to other people? If you nd it di cult to answer at least one of these questions, this is the time to rethink the direction of your movement.

For me, the best vacation is a vacation with my family and friends. Now we live in a country house, and I really love nature walks: I take dogs with me, pick up owers for the house.

My favorite holiday is Christmas. A sense of magic and a childish, naive expectation of a miracle is always associated with it. I like to celebrate it in the family circle, at the set table with traditional dishes that I cook myself. For friends and relatives on holidays, I often give my brand items: I am very pleased to see them in clothes from my collections.