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A Cup Of Questions with: Victor Turpin

By Lauren Smith @ FTL MODA


His kindness and genuine approach lend a touch of freshness to the exchange, and the conversation immediately becomes easy and pleasant. Despite his handsomeness and his imposing physique, he has no diva attitude.

His 2018 was interesting, marked by impactful activations. The highlight was his Season 3 SHADES OF BLUE role with icon Jennifer Lopez. The series currently airs on NBC.

2019 will present many new opportunities to appreciate Victor’s craft with several appearances, among them the sitcom SPEECHLESS on the ABC Network, the soap opera DAYS OF OUR LIVES on NBC, the comedy MURDER MYSTERY on Netflix, and the thrillers MA and GREENLIGHT in theaters.

Photo by Claudio Carpi

1. Victor, we follow you through your socials, and we were excited to see that you shot with celebrity and fashion photographer Claudio Carpi and FTL MODA in Los Angeles. Does this mean that we will get to enjoy a bit more of you around the fashion industry from now on?

Yes, I had the honor to shoot with Claudio Carpi, what a photographer, what a gent, what a sweet man. I’ve always love fashion, I used to model back in Colombia when I was younger. I’m a big admirer of beauty and innovation and fashion usually is just that. So yes, I’m back to connect with Fashion.

2. You are a traveler and a cosmopolitan artist: how important are your wardrobe choices in your career?

I do travel a lot, but I’m a smart traveler when it comes to clothes, don’t pack too much but you should always bring your own style wherever you go, so I’m always sure of bringing the clothes that fit the location where I’ll be, but still keeping my personality in my choices.

3. Do you have a favorite designer? And if so what is that makes you feel connected with him/her?

I’m a big fan of what Gimmo Etro started. Etro as a brand breaks the “rules” so many times with Colors, prints, combinations, and I connect with it precisely because of that, I like to push the envelope in life as well.

4. Should you consider giving your face (and body!) to represent a fashion label, would you choose it from the ready-to-wear or from the underwear section?

Definitely ready to wear.

5. Stardom, arts, and fashion are, in our opinion, elements of a shared journey. We, at Numero Russia like to focus on new technological tools, and on digital media to communicate these elements to a worldwide audience. How have social media helped in supporting artists like you, and how much time do you normally devote to handling your profiles? Or do you delegate them?

I do like to be hands on on my social media platforms. I think social media has created a more immediate way of communicating to the world what artists want to say or show, as the name says it, instagram is instant and in one click you could influence or be influenced by a trend, an idea or open your eyes to things like “what not to wear” if we are talking about fashion.