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A Cup Of Questions with: Marquita Pring

By: Bailey Kaufman @ FTL MODA for NUMERO RUSSIA


“We need role models, in this world, we need new leaders with the courage to stick to basic and ancestral values, such as respect, compassion, dedication, spirit of sacrifice, ambition, and love. When we meet them, in different areas of each industry, we feel blessed, and inspired. Marquita is one of them, and I feel honored for the opportunity to sit down with her, for five personal questions” – Ilaria Niccolini, Publicist

Photo by Élio Nogueira

1. You are the face of this Numero Russia on World Women’s Day. What does that mean to you and what kind of message would you want to relay with women for inspiration?

I was so thrilled when they’re told me I would be on this project and I am proud to represent on World Women’s Day. 

When it comes to inspiration I like to look at the people, places, and things around me and another thing I often like to think about is what I loved as a child. I like to find ways to get back to that open, curious mind set because it helps me be more open to experiences and appreciate where I am.

2. People are inspired by your strength and the message you embrace. Do you feel sending this message is more of a motivation or responsibility and why?

 I think it’s both, representing curvy women and women of color is a huge responsibility and I am happy to take that on. 

I’m motivated by the work I do and what I bring to the table.  I hope to be a role model for girls and young women that I never had.  I would have saved myself a lot of pain and tears if there had been women of all colors, shapes and sizes in magazines and ads.  

I love hearing from girls and women who want to tell me about how much they appreciate the work I do and how much it helps them in their own lives. 

It’s powerful to see women you can relate to and understand that beauty is so much more than how we look or compare to others.  I hope every girl can grow up recognizing her own beauty and value with the confidence to reach for her dreams.

3. Browsing your social media, we have a strong perception of sensuality. Is this something you’ve embraced throughout the development of your career you or is this more an innate trait? 

People often think of sensuality as purely sexual or physical.  I think of sensuality as an energy. It comes from loving yourself and being confident in your own skin.  I think I naturally exude sensuality because I love to experience life and really encourage others to do the same. However, having this particular career has definitely helped me connect to it more, which I’m grateful for.

4. You have gone through obstacles and struggles, but when did it click for you to own your body, become a model, and send a message of body positivity?

I started modeling when I was 15 and I wasn’t yet comfortable about my size, especially considering I was much bigger than all of my friends.  

I remember when I signed my first modeling contract I couldn’t believe they weren’t asking me to lose weight. I thought I could do beauty modeling and only model with my face because I was too big for fashion, however, I quickly learned that there was a place for curvier girls as models. 

But it still took some time to really feel comfortable.  As my career began to develop and I began to mature I started appreciating my body in ways I never had before. Even more importantly I started to realize that I had value and worth.  For me, body positivity stems from accepting and living as your authentic self.  Your truth is your power, the more you connect to yourself and love yourself the happier you’ll be.

5. What is it that makes you feel renewed, confident, and empowered to be you every day

Self-love and gratitude. I can honestly say I love myself and accept myself fully. When you are in a place of gratitude you instantly feel strong and confident. It’s not always easy but it is important to make time for self-care. For me, working out is an essential part of staying happy, clear minded and confident.