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Numero Russia Girls is a project about independent and free-standing, purposeful and self-sufficient, about the world of Numéro girls - where they stay to spend their best weekend, what exhibition they will attend and where they’re able to hear live music while doing shopping. The world of Numero Girl is the world of the best hotels, places and rest, the world that is followed, the world that others are inspired by. Numero Girls lives her best life and people follow it. She knows what is good, and boldly advises it to the rest.

Each issue, Numero Russia Girls talk about their journey. About how they succeeded, to inspire young girls to begin their journey. About what goals they set and how they went towards them. How to become independent and free. How to be strong and successful.

The girls that Numero talks about have once made a name for themselves, and now they raise their hand so that other women can see them.

To move forward and succeed, it’s important to hear the right words at the right time.  the Numero Russia Girls project was created exactly for this. And despite the fact that all Numero Russia Girls are popular, they are primarily women who followed the same winding path to their success, and once they succeeded, their example may be trusted.

Numero Russia Girls is motivation. Motivation to move forward and open new horizons, to live like Numero Girls. 

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