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Nina Boltunova


City: Voronezh

Interest in creativity appeared in childhood, graduated from art school and architectural university. However, I realized that the object of design in my work I want to see not buildings, but clothes. She entered the college fashion and design. After the first year of study, I went to Moscow for an internship in the atelier of the fashion house Alena Akhmadullina as a tailor. She helped prepare the seasonal collection, studied the whole process of its creation.

When she returned, she graduated from a technical school, sewed her own first collection, with which the Provincial Style participated in the international competition. The collection was marked by Professor V.E. Kuzmichev, a teacher of textile institutes in Russia, China and France. At the moment I am creating a brand. Already thought out his concept, working on technical issues.



Designer: Nina Boltunova
Donskaya collection

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