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Katya Lee


City: New York 

Katya Lee is a multi-dimensional performance artist who vibrantly weaves dance, singing, and futuristic fashion into her high-tech-driven practice. The Russian-born, New York City based talent draws inspiration from sci-fi, the properties of geometry, and entomology. Often clad in hand-made light-reflective jumpsuits of her own design and creation, enhanced with 3D-printed elements, cameras, LEDs, plexiglass, and sustainable faux fur, Lee’s work is a commentary on female utopian alien society, evoking a postmodernist, other worldly space commander.

Her costumes, which have become her daily uniform in ways, have become coveted fashion statements, spurring a burgeoning clothing line which Katya makes from her downtown studio.



Designer : Katya Lee
Futuristic Fashion

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