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Francesco Vincenti

Francesco Vincenti.jpg

Francesco Vincenti was born in Comiso, a small village in the South of Sicily. From the very beginning he has been growing up and living in a world rotating around photography based in parent’s studio. That way, he developed a strong passion towards photography which has been growing stronger every day due to his deep dedication and devotement. When he was four years old, he took his first picture portraying his grand-parents. It was in that special moment that he realised that from now on photography would accompany every moment for the rest of his life.

During the following years, he has been studying, refining and intensifying the technique of that form of art by helping out his father in his daily job as a photographer. Having finished high school, he decided to move to Milan in order to follow a childhood dream that he has always wanted to make come true: working in the world of fashion. After having assisted many photographers, he has started various collaborations with fashion agencies by carrying out photo shootings for them. Therefore he has started to look at the outside world and everything around in a different way which encouraged him to perceive and understand his own idea of photography. He does campaigns and catalogues for fashion brands and editorials and cover stories for magazines.


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