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Filippo Del Vita


City: New York, USA

Born and raised in Italy, Filippo Del Vita attended the Fondazione Studio Marangoni, where he was introduced to the photographic medium. Learning about its history and development changed his life and made him decide to become a photographer. After a stint in Turin, he moved to NY to speed up his career choosing to follow his interest in Fashion, Beauty and Still Life photography. His personal work has been awarded such international prizes as The Sony Award, Fotofestiwal and Medalla Gaudi and has been exhibited at the Milan Trienale. His commercial work has been published by many international magazines and commissioned by renowned advertising agencies. Vegetarian and environmentalist, he is always trying to reduce his impact to the Earth's health and lives surrounded by terrariums and toys... when nobody is around, he secretly plays with them too.



Photo: Filippo Del Vita

Magazine: Númerorussia 55

Work: Circus Paradise

Models: Jessica Whitlow

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