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Emilia Vishnevskaya


City: Moscow/ London

Founder of the unique for Russia EMIVI fashion & beauty cluster project, creator and ideological inspirer of the handmade underwear brand EMIVI. Emilia Vishnevskaya has extensive experience in the development of fashion and design, actively developing her own projects. Today: • 2 fashion clusters are open and successfully operating; a site is being searched for and the opening of the third fashion project on an area of ​​3,000 sq. M. • Since 2014, our own handmade underwear brand has been developing.

In the process of business development, serious agreements were reached with global suppliers of the textile industry (Solstiss, Muehlmeier, Willy Hermann, Swarovsky), the largest online retailers (Lamoda and Aizel). EMIVI is the only Russian brand of underwear, represented in TsUM and DLT. The brand is presented in 7 corners on the territory of Russia. Emilia Vishnevskaya is the leader of opinions among young entrepreneurs in the field of fashion and design, her activity in her niche, success and public recognition motivate talented designers to open their own business, which contributes to the development of this trend in Russia.



Designer : Emilia Vishnevskaya
EMIVI couture lingerie

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